Need a Root Canal? We’ve Got Your Dentist.

Dr. Hauser has Performed Thousands of Root Canals Over 22 Years A root canal deals with the pulp, which is the inner chamber of the tooth. Many people are unaware that each tooth has a complex network found within. In fact, some people think that the outer portion looks the same as what is found inside. Dr. Hauser never performs any endodontic treatment without a brief explanation of the tooth’s anatomy and they treatment option to be used. He believes that it is important to educate each patient. Armed with more knowledge regarding the intricate network found within each tooth, … Read more

How We Sterilize Our Instruments

Dr. Hauser Takes Sterilization Seriously Sterilization is one of the key factors that determines the safety of the patients and success of a practice. With all the microorganisms in today’s environment, a dentist should always set aside enough funds to invest in proper sterilization equipment. Lakefront Family Dentistry is a private practice run by one of the most respected dentists in the Inland Empire. Dr. Hauser takes sterilization very seriously and invests in equipment that meets extremely high standards. Microorganisms Are the Enemy Our oral cavity is home to many different types of bacteria. While they may seem harmless to … Read more

Nomad X-ray Units: Only the Best for Our Patients

The Pros of Using a Nomad Many dentists are hesitant to invest in the newest technology and procedures. They would rather stick to older techniques and machines because they have grown accustomed to them. This is unfortunate, as there are many new innovations that can make treatments easier for the dentist and safer for the patient. Dr. Hauser enjoys introducing the latest procedures and technology to his practice. However, he makes certain he has implemented thorough research first. This is because he wants to provide each patient with a safe, comfortable and efficient treatment plan to ensure their oral well-being. … Read more

Learn More About Dental Financing Options

Lakefront Family Dentistry Accepts Dental Financing Aesthetics play such an important role in our daily lives. That is why many people are willing to spend thousands of dollars for plastic surgery, but they cringe at the thought of costs for critical dental procedures to remove periodontal disease treatment and get rid of an abscess through a potentially required root canal or extraction. Why would Botox or fillers and other cosmetic procedures be all right to finance, but millions flinch at the thought of spending even a portion of that amount on their oral health? The Importance of Dental Health Our teeth … Read more

Orthodontists Love Invisalign

Healthy Bites and Transformed Smiles Occlusion is predisposed by genetics. However, in some cases, early loss of dentition and missing teeth due to caries can lead to an uneven bite. This is why orthodontics is so important. Lakefront Family Dentistry offers orthodontics with Invisalign treatment for adults. Dr. Hauser enjoys seeing his patients’ reactions when they compare “before and after” pictures once the treatment is completed. The time to straighten a patient’s bite goes by fairly quickly with Invisalign (each patient is unique), with life-changing results for their appearance and oral health. Most patients don’t even remember they are really … Read more

Distilled Water in the Dental Practice

Why Lakefront Family Dentistry Uses Only Distilled Water The use of regular tap water is frowned upon in the dental industry. Please note there are still some dentists who use tap water in an effort to save on overhead costs. However, they would be better off investing in a distilled water supply for their patients’ health and safety. Dr. Hauser Refuses to Compromise Patient Safety Dr. Hauser uses the best dental practices for his patients, every single day. He understands sometimes one has to spend more in order to save more. This is true in many fields, not just for … Read more

Does a Dental X-Ray Hurt Patients?

Radiation is in Your Everyday Life Yes, Radiation is Around Us Many people get skittish when it comes to x-rays. This is because they fear radiation and would like to avoid it as much as possible. There is a common misconception that all types of radiation are cancer-causing. Effects of Radiation at the Dentist Dr. Hauser always tries to educate patients when they ask questions about this common myth regarding x-rays. To start, he tells them that radiation in small doses is not harmful to the human body. He also tells them that he uses the safest and most efficient … Read more

GERD’s Link to Missing Teeth

The Dental Effects of Gastric Reflux GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is a problem that affects many people around the world. It is usually just brushed off as a bad case of heartburn. In fact, in some developing countries, people see it as a minor inconvenience that can be solved by drinking a few glasses of water and don’t even bother taking antacids. Others live on antacids and avoid changing their diet to stop this detriment to their long-term health. GERD and Our Dental Health Dr. Hauser tells his patients that our oral and overall health goes hand in hand. With … Read more

Fluoride Won’t Melt Your Brain—We Promise

The Benefits of Fluoride Most of us get health news updates through social media platforms. This can range from the latest celebrity gossip to health news. Strangely enough, many people have become so gullible. It is almost as though they believe that everything their friends share is scientifically proven. Dr. Hauser has noticed that many people would rather avoid fluoride treatments. This is quite unfortunate, as fluoride is one of the best preventative substances in the battle against tooth decay. What Does Fluoride Do? Most regular toothpaste has fluoride because it serves an important purpose with regard to our oral … Read more

Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Gum Disease

Start Brushing and Flossing How does a man keep his significant other happy? Scientific studies show he should start with brushing his teeth and flossing regularly. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, men who suffer from ED are three times more likely to exhibit gum disease, in comparison to men who don’t have ED. The Erectile Dysfunction Study Results Dr. Hauser came across a study regarding the link between erectile dysfunction and poor oral hygiene. Performed by Turkish researchers, data showed that 53% of male patients who have ED had chronic gum disease. This was compared to the 23% … Read more