Wisdom Teeth Extraction is Often the Secret to a Straighter Smile

Pulling Teeth Can Save Your Health

Wisdom teeth are otherwise called third molars. They usually erupt at the age of 17 to 25, hence the name. However, please note that they will erupt, regardless of how much wisdom we have failed to acquire, unless the tooth buds fail to develop. If they do show up and cause malocclusion, you will need wisdom teeth extraction.

Many people grow weak in the knees at the thought of tooth removal. However, as scary as it may seem, this procedure can save you the trouble of dealing with malocclusion and second molar fractures. Other people balk at the cost of pulling teeth and try to look for the cheapest quote possible.

When Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Needed?

Dr. Hauser is a CEREC specialist and also handles various dental treatments, including extractions. He has earned a stellar reputation and is skilled in the field of oral surgery. However, according to him, not all wisdom teeth should be removed. In fact, there are times when keeping it is the best option, as it can help with the workload.

However, in cases wherein there is tooth crowding, these teeth have to go. If the patient decides to keep them, he or she can expect malocclusion and even temporomandibular disorder in the near future. Crooked teeth are not just disturbing to look at, they also put patients at risk for periodontal disease.

The same rule applies to cases wherein a patient has impacted teeth. An impacted wisdom tooth can crush the second molar slowly. At times, the second molar crown may look normal. However, a digital x-ray would show crushed roots, making the tooth harder to save.

Understanding the Cost of Pulling Teeth

Tooth extraction can be dangerous if it is performed by an inexperienced dentist. This is why the expertise of the practitioner should always outweigh the cost of this procedure.

The cost of tooth extraction depends on a number of factors. A root fragment would be harder to pull out because of the absence of a crown. An impacted tooth will require more skill and precision as well, especially horizontal and distal impactions. The number of roots that hold the tooth in place must be considered as well. More roots mean extra anchorage.

Therefore, instead of calling to inquire about extraction costs, it would be best to visit Lakefront Family Dentistry for a consultation. This will allow Dr. Hauser to examine the wisdom teeth and decide if they should be removed. Once he sees the placement of the teeth and examines the roots, he will be able to give the patient an idea about how much the procedure would cost.

Our teeth allow us to enjoy the food we eat. Without them, we would have trouble enjoying our favorite meals, especially if you prefer crispy and crunchy food.  This is why the cost of oral care should not be the reason we shy away from dental treatments.

Dr. Hauser understands the need for proper dental care and offers two credit payment plans which patients may apply. If you need wisdom teeth extraction, please call (951) 244-9495 or schedule an appointment online today.

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