Child Tooth Decay Can be Prevented

Tooth decay doesn’t discriminate, and even if a person or child takes great care of their teeth and gums, it can affect you. After eating or drinking anything but water, if brushing doesn’t occur within 15 minutes, the sugar and substances in food begin to break down in your mouth and cause decay.

It’s important to bring a toothbrush and floss with you at all times. Unfortunately, the mouth is a mere afterthought for most people. They usually think, I’ll brush before I go to bed or when I wake up. That’s not enough to help alleviate plaque and tartar buildup and remove excess substances that start sticking to your teeth like glue and begin the decaying process.

Do You Like Sugar and Carbohydrates?

Diets today include a lot of sugar, which is the number one offender of tooth decay. However, certain drinks and food items can cause decay, too. Carbohydrates are converted into sugar, so they are equally bad for your oral health. How many people love bread and pasta? Millions eat it every day but don’t brush immediately afterward because they believe it’s not direct sugar, but indirectly it will contributed to causing tooth decay.

How difficult is it to brush and floss after each meal? The answer should be, it’s not. Statistically, most people don’t see the dentist until they have tooth pain. That means decay has done its job and there are holes in the teeth and the need for digital x-rays and usually a white tooth filling is required.

Getting away with just a filling is great, because others wait so long to see their local dentist that the nerve has become infected and a root canal and crown might be needed. It’s making an appointment to see Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS, twice a year that can save you thousands of dollars and maintain oral health. It’s less expensive to see your dentist, even though nothing “feels” wrong orally.

Lakefront Family Dentistry Offers Simple Teeth Extraction Services for Children and Adults with Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS.
Teeth Extraction for Children and Adults is Easy with Dr. Hauser, DDS, at Lakefront Family Dentistry

You Cannot Feel a Tooth Crack or Fracture

Cracked or fractured teeth usually don’t have any visible or physical signs in the mouth until it’s infected. At that point, dental work is required instead of just an enjoyable, professional cleaning by one of Lakefront Family Dentistry’s three registered, professional dental hygienists. A lot of patients are so relaxed in the high-end A-dec dental chairs and gentle touch, they fall asleep during their teeth cleaning.

Don’t Give Bacteria a Chance to Take Over

Every adult and child doesn’t have to let bacteria take over their oral health. Plaque is sticky, but also clear, so it isn’t visible to the human eye. Children aren’t going to tell their parents, “Mom, my teeth feel sticky and dirty.” Being proactive with kids’ oral hygiene habits means less visits to the dentist, which is great news.

People who pay attention to their mouth can feel a buildup on their teeth, especially after eating. It’s that very buildup that begins the decay process. The plaque has bacteria that lives to feed on all the sugar a person eats directly or through drinks and carbohydrates.

It takes three minutes to brush, and it can save money and time off work. So how difficult is it to brush when thinking about the alternative?

Dr. Hauser Uses CEREC Dental Technology at his Private Practice. Patients’ Teeth are Made While they Wait!

CEREC Before and After Crowns

Children at Higher Risk for Tooth Decay

When teeth are still in the growing stages, they are at higher risk for tooth decay. This means children are more susceptible because the teeth are not as strong yet and don’t have the proper minerals and enamel to ward off plaque and tartar buildup.

Even if a child complains about brushing, they usually complain more when having to see their local dentist. Dr. Hauser has a son, and he’s well aware that children don’t necessarily enjoy seeing the dentist. That’s why he treats them with great care so they have fun at the dentist! But he’d rather all parents ensure their children brush and floss through a regular routine and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Babies can get something called, bottle mouth, which is when parents leave the bottle in the baby’s mouth at night. The sugar in the milk or formula begins decaying precious teeth that are forming. When a baby cries, it could be from tooth pain, and they cannot tell the parent what’s really hurting. So it’s better not to leave a bottle in a baby’s mouth at night.

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