Foods That Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Find Out the Latest Teeth Whitening Solution for Your Yellow Smile

As we get older, years of food and beverages, as well as enamel erosion take a toll on our pearly whites. Your smile is the first thing most people notice, so don’t take it for granted no one is looking at your teeth, even if you are trying not to show them by keeping a closed mouth.

The mentality of most people is that if your teeth are dingy and yellow, you do not have good overall hygiene. Sometimes this is true, but often it is not. It’s just  years of wear and tear on your smile that looks less than healthy. There are ways to brighten your smile, and we’ll discuss two of them; namely, natural foods and the latest teeth whitening solution you can only find at a qualified dental practice like Lakefront Family Dentistry.

Foods That Help Whiten Your Teeth


Unlike blueberries that can cause staining, strawberries contain a natural acid, which helps remove tooth surface discoloration. So the next time you are on the fence about picking up a container of strawberries to improve your health, think about the additional benefits it has to help whiten your teeth, too.


Unless you have been given specific instructions by your dentist to be careful of eating nuts and seeds because of a particular type of dental procedure, they are actually a little abrasive. This means they help to rub plaque and stains off your teeth as you eat them. Almonds have great health benefits and are rich in omega fatty acids, so you can do your heart and smile a favor every time you eat them.


Not only does that crisp, hard bite feed our need for that extra crunch during or after each meal, an apple also helps strengthen your gums. Due to their water content, saliva production is increased. Whenever you have more saliva, it fights bad bacteria that cause cavities. Get that crunch, great health by keeping the doctor away, and help reduce  plaque that begins building and causes a yellowing smile.

Baking Soda

Many years ago, it was an old wives’ tale that baking soda was good for more than cooking; it was great for keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Fast forward to today, and  you can see they were right! It’s a great ingredient used in Dr. Hauser’s recommended oral mouth rinse, Colgate Peroxyl, as well as in ADA recommended toothpaste. Its mild abrasive helps remove plaque, surface stains and helps improve your oral health.

Eat Your Vegetables

All veggies increase your health in moderation. But one of the additional benefits is the increased saliva they produce with every bit. So not only are you doing “a body good,” by eating more healthfully, you are chomping away to wash away buildup on your teeth and strengthening your gums. Healthy gums and bone are a core component of healthy teeth. So remember to eat your veggies!

Say “Cheese!”

Although cheese is high in fat and must be eaten in moderation, it’s great for your teeth and gums! Besides the fact that they are mostly have no color so they won’t stain your smile, cheese is quite high in calcium, which strengthens your teeth and gums. So next time you say ‘cheese,’ remember you owe it to the cheese for that healthier, whiter smile, too.

Have Another Glass of Water

The body cannot survive after three days without water. Kidneys and other functions begin to shut down. Many people unfortunately avoid water and think they can supplement it by drinking alcoholic beverages, soda, fruit drinks or power drinks to get what they need. This causes health problems for your organs and actually dehydrates you. When a person becomes dehydrated, it impairs their cognitive thinking and kidneys, not to mention dry skin and early wrinkles.

Did you know water also hydrates your mouth and helps brighten your smile if you drink it while eating, too? Many foods have pigments that stain your teeth. But drinking water helps wash away those materials before they have a chance to “stick” and cause increased yellowing.

Sinsational Smile

Want a quicker, professional teeth whitening solution by a qualified dental office?

We are excited to share that we are now offering a new in-office teeth whitening product called Sinsational Smile™: a quick, safe and affordable way to take years off your appearance during your regular hygiene visit.

This in-office procedure uses a patented silicone tray pre-filled with gentle, light-activated whitening gel that loosens and eradicates the toughest stains. The session takes just 20 minutes and results in natural, even whitening — without the hassle of making trays or weeks of wearing over-the-counter whitening strips.

What’s The Best Part? Lakefront Family Dentistry is offering Sinsational Smile treatment teeth whitening procedure for just $90.00 when combined with your next cleaning! Call us at (951) 244-9495 to make your appointment today.

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