Sonicare vs. Your Manual Toothbrush

Don’t Leave All The Pathogens Behind

Brushing twice daily can be a chore for many people, especially those who still use manual toothbrushes. One has to clean each quadrant with the roll and sweep motion repetitively on each surface. This is why many people are switching to electric toothbrushes. Once you go Sonicare, you never go back.

What Is Biofilm?

Before we discuss toothbrushes, Dr. Hauser of Lakefront Family Dentistry prefers to start by discussing biolfilm. Dental plaque is made up of a group of microorganisms and bacteria. They thrive well in the oral cavity and are usually formed on hard surfaces like enamel.

Dr. Hauser explains that biofilm should be managed regularly to avoid oral problems and improve immune response, especially in people with a history of autoimmune disorders. Please note that biofilm also enjoys hiding under contact points and in interproximal spaces. One may note the use of the term “manage” instead of “removal.”

DiamondClean Sonicare Toothbrush
DiamondClean Sonicare Toothbrush

Why Dr. Hauser Prefers Sonicare

Dr. Hauser only offers the latest dental treatment options and recommends oral care products based on recent studies. This is because he aims to provide modern dental care to the Inland Empire and nearby areas.

He has done tireless research regarding biofilm and toothbrushes in general. He came across information about biofilm that went against what was once taught in dental school.

In the past, scientists claimed that the key to oral health was total removal of the biofilm. However, recent studies show the best way to ensure a healthy oral cavity is to maintain proper biofilm balance.  This substance is necessary for oral health, providing that there is a low level of pathogens present.

Therefore, brushing should be done to disrupt the biofilm, not remove it completely. This means we have been brushing our teeth the wrong way for far too long.

What a Regular Toothbrush Can’t Do

Those who remain loyal to manual toothbrushes should consider shifting to Sonicare because it can do what a regular toothbrush can’t. To start, if one were to use a regular toothbrush, he or she may inadvertently apply too much pressure. This could hurt the gums, causing erosion, which can be hard to remedy.

A regular toothbrush depends on the dexterity and patience of the person wielding it. These are things that most people fail to understand. Therefore, if one had poor motor skills, brushing would be quite the challenge, as the person would be unable to remove a sufficient amount of pathogens.

These are but a few reasons why Dr. Hauser would rather his patients use Sonicare toothbrushes, which are available in his office. In fact, a study shows that people using this toothbrush had higher plaque reduction, a lower gingival index, better pocket depth reduction and less bleeding upon probing when using a Sonicare toothbrush.

Sonicare is the most sought after toothbrush on the market today. If you would like to learn more about this toothbrush from Dr. Hauser or purchase one in our office, please stop by during business hours or call for more information at (951) 244-9495.

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