Root Canal Treatment Saves Your Tooth and Money in the Long Run

Preserving Your Tooth is the Goal, Which Can Often be Saved through Endodontic Treatment

Many years ago, the only option for a patient who had an injured or diseased tooth was an extraction.  Through advanced dental technology today, Dr. Hauser has performed thousands of root canal treatment procedures, saving patients’ teeth and avoiding a more costly route later on.

Although dental implants are an amazing alternative for those who have had an extraction, a great dentist will always prefer saving a tooth through root canal therapy, rather than pulling the infected or damaged tooth. Lakefront Family Dentistry prides itself on giving our patients the best recommendation for their oral health and does not try and “sell you” something you do not need!

What’s in the Pulp?

Each tooth contains pulp, which is located in the canal of the tooth, around the dentin (hard tooth layer). The pulp is soft tissue that contains nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels. This explains why a patient feels pain when a tooth is damaged or infected. The nerve endings are causing a pulsating or throbbing pain due to these circumstances.

The pulp begins from the top area of the crown and goes down to the tip of the root, all the way into the jawbone. Depending on which tooth is injured or infected (abscess), your pain could be more or less severe.

There is only one pulp chamber, but a tooth can have more than one root and several root canals. When the pulp is beyond repairing itself to due infection, bacteria or damage, the pulp actually dies. Without immediate treatment, an additional abscess can form at the tip of the root.

At the first sign of pain or known injury, it is imperative to seek out a highly qualified dentist who has performed these procedures using the latest dental technology.  Sometimes, there is no pain, but the tooth is still damaged or infected. Don’t wait until the pain begins, because your only option might be a total tooth extraction.

Root Canal Treatment

When you schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, he will treat you extremely well and ease your mind. Digital x-rays will be taken to assess whether or not the tooth qualifies for root canal treatment or if an extraction is necessary. He would prefer doing root canal therapy over an extraction, to save the tooth; however, it will all depend on the severity of the damaged tooth and/or infection.

A general anesthetic is provided by Dr. Hauser, and many patients are surprised they do not feel anything at all. Your comfort and oral health is our main concern, and you can even read actual patient testimonials on other sites like Google and Yelp to see how their experience was at Lakefront Family Dentistry.

A simple opening will be made through the crown of the tooth, and then the pulp is removed, cleaned and shaped. If there is an infection, medication is actually added to the pulp chamber and root canal areas. This eliminates any bad bacteria so your tooth can heal quickly.

A temporary filling will be placed in the crown area that matches your own natural tooth color. This will also keep out any saliva. You are then done with your first visit! It’s that simple. If required, Dr. Hauser will write you a prescription for antibiotics that you can get filled at the pharmacy right across the hall from our office.

On your next visit, the root canal is filled and permanently sealed. The benefit of going to Dr. Hauser means you will have a crown made using CEREC in the same visit. Or, we will make your crown before your second appointment. It will match your surrounding tooth color exactly, so it looks natural. CEREC crowns and veneers are made of the most durable material and last for many years to come.

Watch How Lakefront Family Dentistry Makes Your Crown Using The Advanced CEREC System

Your oral health and maintenance is critical to your long-term health. Make sure and schedule a professional teeth cleaning at our office with one of our three registered dental hygienists. Some of our patients often fall asleep because they are so relaxed when receiving their teeth cleaning!

Give us a call at (951) 244-9495 today or Make an Appointment Online below to discuss root canal treatment. We look forward to having you as a family member of Lakefront Family Dentistry.

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