Gum Dental Care for Prevention and Intervention

Our oral cavity as a whole plays a vital role with regard to over-all health. Sadly, many people do not care about the importance of their teeth and its surrounding structures. In most cases, people are happy to have teeth removed and replaced with dentures. However, any periodontal dentist will try to advice patients to take better care of their mouths.

Gum Dental Care: The Secret to Better Health

The gums, otherwise called gingival tissue, surround the teeth and act as a supporting structure, protecting it from harmful microorganisms. However, being soft tissue, they are not as impenetrable as we might think. This is Lakefront Family Dentistry urges clients to take good care of their gingival tissue by regular check-ups and diligent home care techniques.

Flossing at least once daily and regular trips to a dentist can prevent tooth loss significantly. When gums are inflamed or bleed upon the slightest contact, a periodontal dentist can help correct and reverse this particular condition.

Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, will review your dental x-rays to see how far along the oral disease has progressed. Then, he will provide patients with a written course of action and begin treatment. His registered dental hygienists have also treated thousands of patients with gum and periodontal disease, which makes for a cohesive team of experts who will ensure your oral health is remedied. Call Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495 or Schedule Your Appointment Online Now for a Consultation.

Gum Disease Treatment Before and After Picture
Before and After Gum Disease Treatment

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Periodontal disease can be a silent killer. Once microorganisms enter the inner structure through the gums, they can wreak havoc and even cause death. Prevention is always better than treatment, and it is so much cheaper as well. In fact, most gum dental care treatments are covered by health insurance.

Gums must be pale pink in color and should embrace the bottom third of the crown properly. Any obvious alteration in color or shape should be a cause for concern. This is why Dr. Hauser emphasizes the importance of due diligence at home and regular dental visits.

Our skilled dental hygienists are trained with the latest gum dental care techniques and are able to perform oral prophylaxis to remove debris and plaque, which can be difficult to do at home. This preventive treatment ensures tooth and gum health. Aesthetically speaking, it provides patients with cleaner teeth and fresher breath, which can boost self-confidence.

Lakefront Family Dentistry Fights Gum Disease

While we believe that prevention is best, there are cases when a patient does not know that gum disease has set in until it rears its ugly head. Dr. Hauser is not only a CEREC specialist. He is also a renowned periodontal expert, with years of experience handling a wide variety of gingival disease.

With the help of his skilled dental hygienists, he performs all sorts of surgical treatments to correct gum problems that range from mild to severe. This is why he remains the most trusted dental practitioner in the Inland Empire.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, our general well-being rests heavily on the health of our oral cavity. Therefore, we should not take our gums and teeth for granted. If you have ever experienced debilitating pain caused by either structure, you would nod your head in agreement.

If you are looking for an Inland Empire periodontal dentist who can help keep your gums and teeth healthy, Dr. Hauser is the one most people prefer. To schedule an appointment, please contact Lakefront Family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495.

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