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Dr. Hauser Talks about Preventing Dentophobia

Most of us are unaware that many early childhood traumas influence who we become as adults. Needless to say, this is something that applies to dentistry and how a person reacts to even the thought of dental treatment.  This is otherwise known as dentophobia and is one of the most common phobias of children and adults at present.

Dr. Hauser: Inland Empire’s Favorite Children’s Dentist!

Being a dentist requires a lot of patience, especially when the patient is a child. Children tend to be more cautious and less open to any type of dental treatment due to the “fear of the unknown,” which Dr. Hauser tries to alleviate.

One very special way he does this is with Stella—Lakefront Family Dentistry’s very own Registered Service Dog!  She will sit on your lap and make you relax…taking away any anxiety a child or adult has about their treatment. She’s doing wonders for patients; come and see for yourself.

As a native Californian who graduated from USC, Dr. Hauser has devoted his life to the dental industry. Aside from being a CEREC restoration specialist, he is also one of the top, kid-friendly dentists in the Inland Empire. This is because he knows how to talk with child patients, being a father himself.

Meet, Stella, Dr. Hauser’s Registered Service Dog. She helps reduce any dental anxiety for children and adults during their appointment or while they wait for a relative.

Stella and Patients at Lakefront Family Dentistry

Preventing Dentophobia in Children

Dr. Hauser believes the best way to prevent dentophobia is slowly acquainting the child with the dental office and various treatments. He tells most patients to start bringing their children over when they are about 6 months old. This will give them ample time to get used to the office and friendly staff.

As soon as the first teeth are ready to erupt, it would be best if parents began taking their children to Lakefront Family Dentistry and allowing Dr. Hauser to examine their teeth. This will allow him to build a good rapport with your child, which is essential to his or her emotional development.

Modeling and TSD

Since dental phobia can affect people of all ages, Dr. Hauser makes sure that all his young patients have the best dental experience. He ensures that they are comfortable during the treatment phase and even makes time to explain the procedure before and after the procedure.

Dr. Hauser will most likely refuse to do any dental treatment on the first visit. Doing so might make the child skittish and may lead to dental fear. Therefore, he uses the first meeting to acquaint the child with dental hygiene and may use the TSD method to explain the necessary dental procedures.

During the first visit, Dr. Hauser will assess the child’s behavior and determine the course of treatment, depending upon their oral health. Please note that some children will require more time to get used to the dental office. However, in most cases, they will allow him to perform the necessary dental treatments during the second visit.

Modeling is another great way to encourage enthusiasm. This is done with the help of a parent or a well-behaved child who is comfortable with the dental setting. The process involves allowing the child to watch a person receive dental treatment like their mother or father, thereby showing them there is nothing to fear.

Prevent dental fear in children by taking them to a kid-friendly dentist. If you would like to schedule an appointment for your child with Dr. Hauser, please do so by using our online form or calling Lakefront family Dentistry at (951) 244-9495 today.

Stella Therapy Dog Registered Service Dog

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