How to Get Rid of an Abscessed Tooth

If an infection in the gums or the tooth goes ignored, it can often lead to what is known as an abscessed tooth. This condition causes swelling and overflowing pus that can result in discomfort.

An abscess also bears with it another potential threat. Many who suffer from this condition are often relieved when the pain goes away, but what they aren’t aware of is that the pain only has receded due to the nerve dying as a result of the infection—but the bacteria is still very much alive. This will lead to more pain down the road and, in general, is very bad for overall health. It is common to see the infection spread throughout the mouth, jawbone and even the neck.

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Swollen Gums and How to Stop Bleeding Gums

How an Abscess Develops

The best way to learn how to get rid of an abscess is to learn how you can prevent one in the first place. Lack of proper dental hygiene is often the culprit when it comes to an infection that leads to an abscessed tooth. There are other ways in which this can happen, including:

  • Teeth that have recently broken or chipped
  • Diseases that affect the immune system
  • Chemotherapy treatment
  • Cavities that go untreated

To determine if you’re at risk of developing an infection or an abscessed tooth due to chemo or an illness, consult your dentist about ways you’ll be able to proactively address the issue.

Minor Toothache or Abscessed Tooth?

Many patients often get confused as to the differences between a simple toothache and a much more serious infection that can lead to a severe abscess. Regardless of the symptoms or what you may think the problem may be, it’s always best to make an appointment with your dentist before jumping to any conclusions. And remember: Your dentist will be the one who best knows how to get rid of an abscessed tooth.

You should pay attention to certain warning signs that could be indicative of an infection or an already existing abscess. If you notice an odd, lingering taste in your mouth combined with swollen, sore gums, these could be the signs of an infection. Extreme difficulty chewing, as well as any consistent fevers, might also be the symptoms of a potential abscessed tooth.

Don’t take any of these symptoms lightly. Nerve damage due to an untreated infection can cause immense pain and future health risks.

Treating an Abscessed Tooth

Over-the-counter pain relievers can make the situation a bit more bearable, but they’ll do nothing to combat the infection. Remember that even if the pain does go away, it does not necessarily mean the infection is no longer a problem. In fact, when the pain does disappear on its own, it could mean you’ll be facing greater problems.

Depending on the location and severity of the infection, your dentist will select which medication and form of treatment will be most appropriate. More often than not, the dentist will prescribe an antibiotic to help eradicate the infection. If the infection has spread to any other parts of the mouth or even the neck, a minor operation under anesthesia might be the only option.

In order to prevent the infection and abscess from returning, it’s not uncommon for a root canal to be the primary solution to ensure the infected region is removed completely. This is not terribly common, but the sooner you seek treatment, the less likely it will be that a root canal is necessary.

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