Dr. Hauser on Gum Disease and Proper Debridement

Our teeth usually take center stage when we talk about oral care. However, we should never forget the supporting structures, as they are just as important. Our gingiva deserves just as much attention because they help anchor our teeth in place. When something is wrong with this structure, we have to visit a gum specialist right away.

Lakefront Family Dentistry Helps Fight Gum Disease

Dr. Hauser is a gum specialist and a firm supporter of gingival health. He believes that this oral structure does not receive as much care as it should. He tells his patients that common gum problems like gingivitis should be addressed right away to prevent serious complications like periodontitis, abscesses and alveolar bone infection.

If your gums are irritated, red, swollen and bleed when flossing and brushing, call for an appointment or schedule one online and meet with Dr. Hauser today.

Swollen Gums and How to Stop Bleeding Gums

Are We Losing The Battle?

Many of us tend to dismiss bleeding gums as a result of trauma due to brushing too hard. What we do not know is that it may be a warning sign of gingivitis. To be blunt, the prevalence of periodontal disease is quite high in the country alone.  Half of the American adult population suffers from some form of gum disease.

This is a shocking statistic, considering the fact that we live in a first world country, one that provides a wide range of dental services, some which might not even be available in other developing nations.  Therefore, one can conclude that the lack of awareness may play a vital factor in our country’s case.

Dr. Hauser Raises Gum Awareness

Dr. Hauser and his staff promote bi-annual prophylaxis. This is a major step in combating this serious problem. Being a dental expert who has treated diverse types of gingival disease, he is able to spot many warning signs before his patients can.

He cautions people who are genetically predisposed to gum disease to be more vigilant, as they are more prone to this condition that other individuals. The same goes for patients who have autoimmune medical conditions, like diabetes.

The Tools are Vital to Success

Many patients think that brushing alone will solve their problems. Sadly, that is not true. One has to have a proper arsenal in order to win the war against gum problems. Aside from that, one has to learn to use each weapon well.

According to Dr. Hauser, the best way to keep our oral cavities in excellent condition is to start with the right tools. This can include soft toothbrushes, less abrasive toothpaste and flossing materials like water picks. He admonishes his patients from using too much force and asks them to slow down the process, as rushing can lead to missed areas or gingival tears.

Brush slowly, using the prescribed movements. This should be done a minimum of twice per day. The same goes with flossing. Use gentle yet firm strokes to avoid interdental discomfort. Water picks come in handy as well, because they flush out dirt found in these hard-to-reach areas.

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