Reasons Patients Require Cavity Fillings

Not All Foods Create Cavities

Many people believe the majority of all cavities come from eating foods that contain sugar. The fact is, if an adult or child eats any type of food, bacteria forms and produces acid, which causes cavities. If everyone were to brush and floss within 15 minutes of eating and drinking, tooth decay would be reduced by millions each year.

Acidic Foods

Some commercials today state that the acid in food causes oral tooth decay. The fact is, the acid does erode the enamel on teeth and makes it weak, but given proper oral hygiene, decay can still be avoided. However, most people eat foods and beverages with high acid content and do not brush and floss immediately afterwards, so the process of decay begins and eventually a cavity forms.

Fluoridated Water

Many children do get cavities due to a lack of fluoride in bottled water. Drink tap water or water with fluoride added to help reduce decay in their teeth. The shocking fact is that baby boomers are aging, which means medications are more prevalent.

white tooth filling
Before and After Dental Cavities Replaced with White Tooth Filling

Baby Boomers Getting More Cavities and Decay

Medication to seniors or anyone usually causes a lack of saliva, which helps fight bacteria that cause plaque on the teeth. This leads to tartar buildup, then gum disease and eventually periodontitis. One thing can lead to many problems in the oral cavity. Be aware of what happens to the mouth when taking any type of medication, and keep brushing, flossing and drinking lots of water.

Swallow the Aspirin, Please

The old adage says to place an aspirin on or next to the tooth that hurts. The fact is, aspirin can actually burn the gums because it’s extremely acidic. Follow directions and swallow the pill so it can be more effective without hurting the gums and teeth. Even if it’s just aspirin, remember to drink plenty of water since it’s also considered medication.

You Don’t Always Know

If you actually feel a hole in your tooth, the problem is much deeper than you think. The fact is that most cavities are not felt by your tongue or finger when they first begin. By the time it can be felt, the possibility of infection / abscess is likely. This means the possibility of a root canal and medication. That’s why seeing Dr. Hauser twice per year helps alleviate dental costs and oral pain year after year.

No More Cavities in That Tooth

Just because the decay was cleaned, treated and filled does not mean it’s perfect for the rest of your life. If a person or child continues to eat without brushing and flossing or getting dental checkups, the surrounding area can develop a cavity as well. Take care of the work your local dentist did to bring back a healthy oral cavity. After all, you only get one set of permanent teeth.

All Cracks are Not Created Equal

Don’t think non-flossers are more prone to getting cavities in between teeth. If someone brushes infrequently and goes to sleep before bed without brushing, they are just as prone to someone who doesn’t floss. Cavities don’t discriminate. They can happen in between teeth and on the inner and outer surface of teeth if proper care isn’t taken to keep them shiny and clean.

Clencher’s Need Apply

Grinders must take tooth decay seriously. Every time a person grinds and clenches their teeth during stressful times and while they sleep causes fractures, and this increases the likelihood of tooth decay happening faster. Lakefront Family Dentistry is happy to introduce the latest mouthguards for Bruxism patients made by Glidewell. These sturdy, durable and long-lasting mouth guards have a harder outer shell and soft inside material, which means a softer, more comfortable experience for patients.

Don’t Wait for Decay—Call Dr. Hauser Today

Don’t wait until you have a dental cavity. Come in for a dental checkup today. Dr. Hauser’s been practicing for over 20 years and needs to lay his eyes upon each patient’s oral cavity to make sure their gums and teeth are healthy, as well as take digital x-rays using the latest Schick 33 dental sensors at his private practice, which are the safest in the industry. Call (951) 244-9495 or Make an Appointment Online.

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