Custom Dental Bridge vs Implant

Dental technology has improved so much in the past few decades. With the latest developments, more dentists can provide their patients with modern treatment plans to improve their oral health. However, while there may be new developments, practitioners still provide “classic” treatments, provided that they are safe and effective. The dental bridge falls into the classic category, as implants have become the latest trend.

Dr. Hauser is a CEREC specialist who still offers custom dental bridges for patients who are unlikely candidates for dental implants or those who feel that they will be unable to afford them. Dental bridges are safe, durable and effective, yet they do not fall under the “conservative dentistry” umbrella. Even so, they are still popular and preferred by many because they are affordable and quite resilient, seeing as they can last 10 years or more.

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Three Unit Dental Bridge Example
Three Unit Dental Bridge Example

The Dental Bridge Explained

This is a prosthodontic apparatus used to cover up an edentulous space, with the help of adjacent teeth. The teeth on the right and left side of the gap are prepared to receive dental crowns. Thus, “bridge” is the most appropriate way to describe this apparatus. This can be used to correct a gap wherein one or more teeth are missing.

However, the dentition around the area should be healthy enough to absorb the masticatory stresses and act as firm abutments. Thus, a digital x-ray is necessary to evaluate the surrounding dentition and determine if they can handle the extra load.

As mentioned previously, the dental developments aim to provide conservative treatment because adjacent teeth are sacrificed (although still vital). Even so, if these teeth are prepared by a skilled dentist like Dr. Hauser, the results will be worth it.

Bridge Material

Since Dr. Hauser is a CEREC specialist, most people think that he would use this technology to fabricate bridges. However, since this is a large prosthesis, he enlists the service of a skilled dental laboratory to ensure that every client gets a custom dental bridge that fits perfectly and sturdy enough to withstand a heavy workload.

Please note that the pre-existing teeth should be considered. The technician should be able to create bridges that blend in seamlessly with the natural dentition. Failure to do so would result in an uneven smile.

These bridges are made of porcelain, which is able to endure roughly the same workload as natural teeth. Since they are available in a wide range of shades, Dr. Hauser can match the prosthesis to the existing dentition of a patient.

If you decide on getting a dental bridge instead of an implant, please make sure you have the best prosthodontic specialist handle your treatment. Dr. Hauser has created hundreds of dental bridges and has been in practice for over 20 years, making him the best choice for this particular concern.

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