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Understanding and Treating Underbites and Overbites with Invisalign: Expert Insights from Lakefront Family Dentistry When it comes to dental health, one must understand that it’s not just about aesthetics but also about functionality. The alignment of our teeth plays a crucial role in our oral health, and among the common misalignments, underbites and overbites are frequently encountered conditions. Dr. Mark Phillipe, DDS, and Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS, at Lakefront Family Dentistry, with over 40 years … Read more

Advanced Dental Solutions

Transform Your Smile with Lakefront Family Dentistry’s Advanced Dental Solutions At Lakefront Family Dentistry in Lake Elsinore, California, cutting-edge technology and a commitment to outstanding patient care are combined to create beautiful, healthy smiles. Dr. Mark Phillipe, DDS, and Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS, bring over 30 years of experience to their patients, providing innovative solutions such as the Solea Laser, conscious oral sedation, same-day CEREC crowns, and CEREC veneers. Solea Laser: Revolutionizing Fillings and Gum … Read more

How is the Entire Body Connected to Your Dental Health?

Whole-Body Health is Connected to the Mouth Most people would be surprised to find out the entire body is connected to the mouth through various systems, including the circulatory and immune systems. The health of a person’s mouth can affect the overall health of the body, and vice versa. For example, poor dental hygiene can lead to gum disease, which has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Certain systemic conditions, … Read more

Can You Go to the Dentist While Pregnant?

Dental Guidelines During Pregnancy Make sure and tell the office staff when making your dental appointment that you are pregnant and how far along, so Dr. Mark Phillipe, DDS, and Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS, have this information for the health and safety of you and your baby. Any recommended dental treatment should be completed before you are pregnant to prevent dental infections and emergencies. IMPORTANT: If you are pregnant and have an emergency or a dental … Read more


Bruxism Definition Bruxism is the medical term for the involuntary grinding or clenching of teeth on a habitual basis. When the grinding or clenching is done during waking hours, the condition is called awake bruxism. When done during sleep, the condition is called sleep bruxism. The term is derived from the Greek word brychein, which means “to gnash the teeth.” Both forms of bruxism are considered two distinct conditions with different causes. However, the symptoms … Read more

Gummy Smile

What are Gummy Smiles? A gummy smile is when too much of the gumline shows when a person is smiling. The medical term for a gummy smile is “excessive gingival display.” The ideal smile shows approximately 2 millimeters (mm) of the gumline. A smile is considered a “gummy” when more than 3 to 4 mm of the gum is seen when smiling. Gummy smile before and after photos (such as the ones used throughout this … Read more

Botox® Therapy for TMJ Pain and Teeth Grinding

Your Local Dentist Can Help With TMJ Treatment Most people know Botox® can reduce wrinkles. However, Botox® has applications beyond cosmetic enhancements. For example, it can reduce excessive sweating. Another application is relieving the pain associated with bruxism (the medical term for grinding teeth) and disorders related to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). TMD, also known as Temporomandibular Disorder, is the technical term for TMJ Syndrome. The TMJ is a sliding joint connecting the jawbone and … Read more


Keeping the Temporomandibular Joint Safe Let Dr. Mark Phillipe Help You Protect Your TMD The temporomandibular joint, otherwise called TMJ, is a vital part of our health and wellness. If anything happens to this seemingly inconsequential area, you would have difficulty swallowing, chewing and talking, as dental jaw pain can cause great discomfort. This is why it is important to keep the temporomandibular jaw in the best shape possible. Dr. Phillipe of Lakefront Family Dentistry … Read more


Using Invisalign for Malocclusion Malocclusion is a condition wherein teeth are misaligned. Thus, there is significant deviation from the normal occlusion, which is the state when the upper teeth fir over the lower dentition. In order to attain the perfect bite, the cusp of the upper first molar has to rest in the lower first molar groove. This allows for proper food mastication. Types of Malocclusion Malocclusion is caused by a variety of factors that … Read more


What is TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)? TMJ, also known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, is a condition that can cause moderate to severe discomfort in the muscles and joints present in the jaw. It is a common diagnosis among individuals that have an overbite or underbite due to the issues with proper alignment of the jaw. Without the correct TMJ treatment, this disorder can become very painful and can interfere with the daily lives of those … Read more