Bad Breath: Possibly an Early Sign of Dental Infection

Don’t Ignore That Bad Taste in Your Mouth

We live in a society where sight, taste and smell are critical for day-to-day activities. This could be one reason why the cosmetic surgery, gourmet cuisine and perfume industries do very well. In the field of dentistry, implants, tooth whitening and veneers also center stage. However, while they address the cosmetic aspect that helps build self-esteem, we also have to consider methods of fighting bad breath—and the diseases associated with this embarrassing problem.

Dr. Hauser is a dental expert who has devoted a great portion of his life to dentistry. With more than a couple decades in the field, he has met many patients and successfully corrected cases where bad breath is the primary complaint. He believes that the best way to resolve the problem is to figure out the main etiological agent.

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bad breath halitosis

Understanding Halitosis

Bad breath is also called halitosis. This is a condition that affects many people worldwide. Sadly, there is no single treatment plan for this problem since it can come from different conditions.

Bad breath can be caused by a variety of factors. Halitosis can be an intrinsic or extrinsic condition. It can be caused by food intake, smoking and even gastrointestinal problems. However, from the dental aspect it usually boils down to plaque buildup caused by poor oral hygiene.

My Mouth Tastes Weird

Bad breath can destroy one’s self-esteem. Aside from affecting one’s olfactory senses, it could be a symptom of a greater threat to our health. If halitosis is accompanied by a bad taste in the mouth, this could mean that there is a dental infection that needs to be addressed.

The bad taste could be from a cyst or caused by periodontal infection. While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, a cyst or dental infection can lead to greater systemic problems if left unresolved.

Pus could enter the bloodstream, which puts other organs at risk, especially the heart and the pancreas. This would put a patient at a greater risk of developing diabetes, stroke or heart disease.

How Dr. Hauser Helps Fight Halitosis

Lakefront Family Dentistry is the Inland Empire’s most recommended private practice. Dr. Hauser provides his patients with the best treatment plan to correct halitosis. This usually involves thorough prophylaxis, oral hygiene tips and periodontal treatment.

Dr. Hauser might suggest having old metal fillings replaced, for aesthetic and hygienic reasons. Aside from turning blackish green over time and causing tooth discoloration, an old filling may produce a weird taste in the mouth. The metallic taste could be a sign that the filling is leaking. This would put the patient at a risk of developing secondary caries as well.

However, please note that not all cases of halitosis can be treated by dental procedures alone. There are cases where a patient may need to visit a medical professional to correct this condition.

Bad breath can be embarrassing and humiliating if someone says something to you. Fight halitosis with proper preventive measures. You can visit Lakefront Family Dentistry for your bi-annual oral prophylaxis treatments, which is one of the best ways to ward off bad breath. To schedule an appointment, you can go online or call (951) 244-9495 today.

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