Should I Replace Silver Tooth Fillings?

Hello, everyone, I’m Dr. Kanter, the newest addition here at Lake Front Family Dentistry, working with Dr. Hauser and his team. We’re here today to talk to you about tooth-colored fillings.

What type of patient would want to get a tooth filling?

Tooth fillings are perfect for all kind of patients, whether you want to repair a tooth, replace a tooth–it all depends on patients’ needs, but they’re perfect for everyone.

What material is used in a white filling?

For tooth-colored fillings, we use a resin composite material that has varying shades and strengths to best match a patient’s smile.

What are the advantages of choosing a composite tooth filling over a crown or even a veneer?

We here at Lake Front Family Dentistry want to treat all of our patients in the most conservative way possible. And whether it’s a small ship or a cavity, tooth-colored fillings would be the best option; however, if the damage is more extensive, a crown or veneer could help protect that tooth from further damage down the line.

Do you recommend patients getting their old silver fillings, otherwise known as amalgam tooth fillings, removed and replaced with a white tooth filling for health reasons?

Amalgam has been in dentistry for many decades and although there was some debate, there has been much research that has reassured us here in the dental profession that amalgams are safe to use for patients. However, there are risks associated with it and some cons that we here at Lakefront Family Dentistry take into consideration and we definitely want our patients to have the best products, which are tooth-colored fillings.

The materials nowadays can provide bonding tooth structure and more aesthetic look and the similar long-term results to amalgam. So if you come and see us and your amalgams need replacing, then that’s something we can do here for you.

How long does a white tooth filling last before it needs to be replaced?

We like to provide our patients here at Lakefront Family Dentistry with the best products possible to include the tooth-colored fillings. They do have a lot of resiliency and can last a long time; however, like anything else, it takes maintenance and good care. So we’re going to teach our patients, too, how to best keep it clean and protect those restorations that we give them. So a tooth-colored filling can last a long time–decades, a patient’s lifetime–but it’s a team effort. We will do our part here and teach our patients how to do their part at home.

What if my tooth that needs a filling will show when I smile and how closely it will match my actual tooth and surrounding teeth?

The material options we have nowadays are endless when it comes to blending with the patient’s smile and maintaining strength at the same time. For every patient, the case is unique. Our goal is to make the smile as beautiful and aesthetic as possible and recreate what the patient needs and wants.

Does it hurt to get a tooth filling?

We pride ourselves on pain-free dentistry here at Lakefront Family Dentistry, and we’ll provide that service to all of our patients, whether it’s a small tooth-colored filling or whatever procedures that we provide.

If I need several fillings, should I do them all at once or should I wait and get them done over time?

The best answer in dentistry is–it depends. All of our patients are unique, and we definitely treat them that way here at Lakefront Family Dentistry. So the best way to answer that question is to come on in and see us, either Dr. Hauser or myself. We’ll do a full exam, take a look at your teeth and come up with the best plan that works for you and maximizing your oral health. You can give us a call during business hours at (951) 244-9495 or visit our website at, and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. Thanks.

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