Does a Dental X-Ray Hurt Patients?

Radiation is in Your Everyday Life

Yes, Radiation is Around Us

Many people get skittish when it comes to x-rays. This is because they fear radiation and would like to avoid it as much as possible. There is a common misconception that all types of radiation are cancer-causing.

Effects of Radiation at the Dentist

Dr. Hauser always tries to educate patients when they ask questions about this common myth regarding x-rays. To start, he tells them that radiation in small doses is not harmful to the human body. He also tells them that he uses the safest and most efficient units available in the market today, like their brand new 3D panoramic xray equipment.


What Is Radioactivity?

Before anything else, let us talk about radioactivity. What is this word that makes most of us tremble? Why does this make so many people decline necessary diagnostic tests?

This is a term used to explain atom disintegration. There are natural elements that are unstable and when they decay, they release radioactive energy. The radionuclides decay at a constant rate, despite external factors like temperature or heat. The unit used to calculate radioactivity is becquerels.

Dentist xrays and safety with radiation
3D Panoramic View of Xrays Using the Latest and Safest Dental Technology for Patients with Dr. Hauser

Radiation in Everyday Life

Radiation is a part of the Earth. It has been in play since time began. There are naturally occurring radioactive materials found everywhere, even in our soil (uranium and thorium) and in the air we breathe. In fact, our bodies are composed of some radioactive elements.

Therefore, radiation is a part of our daily lives. Many of us are not aware of it. We receive radiation from outer space. This is commonly called cosmic rays. If a person were to find out about food sterilization measures, they would know the food we ingest needs to undergo a low-dose of radiation to kill bacteria.

Man-Made Radiation

X-rays are a must in the field of dentistry and medicine. Dentists remind patients of the importance of this diagnostic process because it would be a huge risk to work on an oral condition blindly. Dr. Hauser explains that the radiation received during this treatment is minute, not enough to cause bodily harm.

The radiation we encounter in our travels place us more at risk than anything a person would receive from a dental xray.  Yet, without allowing the dentist to do his job effectively and with the latest dental equipment, a patient would receive subpar treatment.

Dr. Hauser invested in the most expensive equipment so his patients would be safer and healthier than dentists still using outdated dental technology. He uses the same equipment on himself and family.

If you would like to know more about radiation in everyday life versus dental x-rays, you could schedule an appointment and meet with Dr. Hauser for a consultation.

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