Dental Bridges Look Natural While Being Cost Effective on Your Budget

Waiting for That Tooth Bridge Might Mean Bone Loss and Limited Options Down The Road Going to the dentist isn’t something most people would consider “fun.” But if you read the testimonials on our site, you’ll find our dental practice is very different from the rest. The atmosphere and personality of Dr. Hauser and our staff is top notch. We’re not that “stuffy old dental practice” from the past. You can look forward to awesome music and professionalism that leaves you feeling great! Now that you know how “cool” we are and how much you’ll finally enjoy going to an … Read more

Porcelain Veneers Can Make a Dramatic Difference in Your Smile and Confidence

Find Out Why Dental Veneers Are a Great Choice for Chipped, Fractured or Poorly Shaped Teeth Have you ever wondered how a couple of new front teeth might improve your smile and confidence? Kids smile 400 times per day, but adults only smile 20 times a day. It’s a sad fact, that the older we get, the more self-conscious we are about our looks. One of the first things people notice is our smile and eyes. We can’t change the color of our eyes, unless we wear colored contacts, but we can do something about yellowing, misshapen or cracked teeth. … Read more

Porcelain Crowns in One Visit Using CEREC Saves Time and Lasts for Years

Your Great Grandparents Would Be Amazed How Far Dental Crowns Have Come! Most of us put off going to the dentist, unless Dr. Hauser is their dental practitioner. They know Lakefront Family Dentistry values their time. The entire staff continues their dental education every single month by keeping up on the latest dental technology. This means all our patients get the most advanced care and treatment in the Inland Empire. The Best Dental Material on the Planet You can feel secure knowing the porcelain crowns we place for our patients use only the highest grade of porcelain. New teeth will … Read more

What Happens if You Don’t Get a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Would You Go without Ever Brushing Your Teeth? It sounds dramatic for those of us who brush our teeth twice a day and floss daily, as the American Dental Association recommends, but there are 7 million Britons that do not brush their teeth regularly! Bummed you might not be part of the 1%? You’re in luck, because you are part of the 1% in America that has good hygiene. The US is a more developed country, and that means there are more opportunities to find great dental practitioners who have registered dental hygienists who make sure your oral health comes … Read more

Tooth Implant Technology Adds to Long-Term Health Benefits

Dental Implants are Simpler, Safer, and Last Longer than Older Dental Technology Once upon a time, the very first implant was placed…in 1952. Needless to say, dental technology has come quite a long way. The safety and accuracy of tooth implant placement and long-term oral benefits are endless. Can’t Decide on a Dental Implant, Bridge or Flipper? Rest assured, Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, has been using the most advanced technology for over 20 years. An expert in placing the highest quality dental implants, he has helped many patients regain their self-confidence and transformed their smile into a work of … Read more

Tooth Bridge Options That Fit Your Lifestyle

You Can Have a Beautiful Dental Bridge and Eat Without Worry Using the Latest Dental Technology Having a qualified dentist when it comes to getting a tooth bridge, also known as a dental bridge, is very important. Conventional bridges join an artificial tooth to and adjacent tooth or teeth. The best option is to place a CEREC crown on the tooth that will support the missing tooth. Placing a dental implant in the missing area ensures a more stable bridge. There can be either two areas or three areas that will need crowns to support the bridge long-term. Each patient … Read more

Find an Experienced CEREC Dentist to Get The Smile and Confidence That Lasts Forever

Do You Know What CEREC is and How it Saves You Time and Money for Years to Come? Only 7.5% of dentists in the United States use CEREC technology. Make sure and choose a dentist that has advanced experience using this amazing lab system right in their own practice. Dr. Derek B. Hauser, DDS, has been using CEREC for over 10 years with amazing success for his satisfied patients. What CEREC  is Not We have all seen it; people that have chunky, thick teeth. It almost looks like they are wearing something over their natural teeth. That’s the sign of … Read more

Learn What Happens Before and After Teeth Extraction

When Tooth Extraction is Necessary for Children  A tooth extraction is a procedure used to remove the entire dental bone from the jaw socket.  The thought of this procedure causes anxiety for many adults. Children faced with this procedure also are very apprehensive about sitting in the dentist chair. Many of the common fears in children stems from not knowing what to expect during the procedure. Kids, like many adults, worry they will have to endure a very painful procedure. Parents can help prepare their young ones for this event by educating them on what to expect and reassuring them … Read more

Learn How a Good Teeth Cleaning Regimen Can Prevent Gum Disease

Maximize Dental Cleaning Results with Daily Flossing and Professional Cleanings When it comes to preventing serious mouth disease, flossing plays an extremely important role in keeping the mouth free from disease. Yet, a recent survey showed only 49% of Americans do this daily, and 10% admit to not flossing at all. Although many people brush daily, toothbrushes only clean the outer layer of enamel. For the most effective cleaning results, you need to remove food and bacteria from between the teeth using an interdental cleaner. At Lakefront Family Dentistry, we discuss the benefits of this cleaning method with all of … Read more

Learn the Truth About Root Canal Treatment

Pick the Right Dentist for Painless Treatment to Root Canals There is a common misconception among people that causes high anxiety and fear of painful dental procedures. Recognizing this, the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) launches a Root Canal Awareness week campaign every year to help educate communities and dispel myths. A recent survey showed 63 percent of Americans are worried about needing this treatment. The purpose of the AAE campaign is to raise awareness about the benefits of treatment. Advances in today’s technology allow dentists like Dr. Derek Hauser, DDS, to administer painless treatment to root canals. How Does … Read more